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About me

Mathieu Domec
A different language is a different vision of life.


As a professional translator, I can :

  • Provide translation services in many fields.
  • Maintain strict data confidentiality.
  • Create technical glossaries after terminological research.
  • Use CAT tools.

I have a Bachelor's degree in Applied languages. I also have more than 10 years’ experience in translation and have been translating with the same dedication and professionalism ever since. My area of expertise covers websites, technical manuals, subtitles, user guides as well as marketing and personal documents.
I have also created technical glossaries, brand names and localised websites.

If truth be told, when you translate a document, you want the best translator available.
Being able to translate words or expressions is not sufficient to have a translation that proves to be authentic and meaningful to native speakers. You want readers to thoroughly appreciate the value and depth of your ideas as well as fully understand what you are trying to convey. Moreover, translations should go unnoticed and native speakers should never be able to identify them.

A good translator will always keep this in mind.
As people use more and more translation tools such as Google translation, leading to non-professional translations and mediocre quality work, it is now, more than ever, necessary to hire a professional translator to take your translations to the next level and get high-quality work.

As an interpreter and negotiator, I can :

  • Interpret conversations during consecutive or liaison interpreting.
  • Interpret conversations over the phone.
  • Negotiate with your customers if need be.
  • Advise you on cultural differences in business so as to avoid cultural faux pas.

Indeed, I have been able to interpret many a conversation. I have also done so over the phone on several occasions, most notably when I used to work in the import-export business.

Having lived in China, I thus possess great knowledge and appeal towards Chinese culture and history. Therefore, I am more than able to help you during professional meetings in order to avoid any useless cultural faux pas.

Constantly eager to learn, I also have basic knowledge of Japanese, Russian, Italian languages thanks to the diverse encounters I was lucky to make. Indeed, I think translators and interpreters who enjoy their work are always on the lookout for bettering themselves by learning as much as they can.

Let's have a conversation !

Everyone makes spelling mistakes. Therefore, when you are done writing, proofreading is a really good habit. I would advise to give yourself some time though. Ideally, you may want to proofread a bit later and, only then publish your texts. Indeed, this might enable you to read them again with a fresh mind and may result in your being more effective in pinpointing potential mistakes.

In the digital age, everything is fast-paced and we seldom take time to dwell on the right word or check the spelling of the words we used. Furthermore, many people confine themselves to Google tools in order to translate words or idioms without even looking them up in the first place, leading to nonsensical translations.

Hence, in the translation world, proofreading is essential. Not only does proofreading enable us to correct our mistakes, but it also gives us a chance to get a broader wording approach, which is likely to facilitate understanding. It dramatically improves syntax and style, indeed.

I am thus pleased to offer you proofreading services.

Translation is not a matter of words only :
it is a matter of making intelligible a whole culture.


My area of expertise covers all the fields below. The list is non-exhaustive.

  • Mangas - Books - Literature
  • Religion - Philosophy
  • Mythology - Ancient texts
  • Music
  • Martial arts
  • Automotive industry
  • Mechanics - Electronics
  • Plumbing - Sanitary equipment
  • Technical sheets
  • User guides
Information technology
  • Website translation
  • Language localisation
  • Operating systems
  • Network administration
  • IT security
  • Articles - Presentations
  • Surveys - Questionnaires
  • Market research
  • White papers
  • Leaflets & flyers
  • Hotel industry
  • Catering industry
  • Guidebooks
  • Commercial brochures
  • Cultural events
  • Business documents
  • Personal documents
  • Contracts - Terms and conditions
  • Meeting minutes
  • Certificates

Translating is like exploring different worlds.
Let's get in touch.


Feel free to contact me anytime and let me know about your translation or interpreting projects. I will be pleased to answer you as soon as possible.

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